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Typical aluminium 'message' disc and envelope

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Prices (basic cost to pro-clean & transcribe discs + manual restoration as required)

5″ Aluminium ‘Message’ discs                     £10 / side
6″ Aluminium ‘Message’ discs                     £12 / side
10″ Aluminium ‘Message’ discs                   £14 / side
Manual restoration                                        £30 / hour (pro-rata)

Audio Sample

This is an example of a ‘Derry & Toms’ department store advert from the 1930s


VPI_HW_16_smallAfter an initial inspection, all records for transcription are meticulously cleaned before playing, using a professional wet-vacuum record cleaning machine, the VPI HW-16.5.

The cleaning process allows the maximum information to be extracted from the groove, to give you the best sound quality possible.

Aluminium ‘Message’ discs are washed with L’Art du Son professional record cleaning liquid, followed by a distilled water wash.

Post & Packing Hints

dreamstime_6133227dreamstime_6133209Aluminium ‘Message’ discs are small and robust. However, every effort should be made to minimise the possibility of handling damage. Our advice would be to securely sandwich the record(s) between several pieces of strong cardboard, and to place this inside a secondary cardboard package, to avoid flexing during transit. Please note: this advice is given on the understanding that we cannot accept responsibility for damage caused in the post – and as with all valuable items, you should arrange sufficient insurance to cover any potential loss.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and we recommend customers use recorded or special delivery, so that your package can be signed for and/or tracked.

We always use first class recorded delivery to return packages, unless we are instructed otherwise.

Message Disc Facts

  • Also known as ‘Voice Records’, these small shiny discs which are not much bigger than a modern CD, date from the late 1920s to the mid 1930s, although a few persisted into the early 1940s for amateur and novelty use.
  • Often, servicemen who were on duty away from home, found a way to record a message, and would post a disc home to let loved ones know all was well.
  • Nowadays these aluminium discs (approx. 5 inches across) may be the only voice recordings left in existence, and as such are priceless to family and friends – a tangible link to our predecessors from a past era, long-gone.

Aluminium 'message' disc transcription on Linn turntable

Aluminium “Message” discs are transferred to digital using the LINN basic turntable fitted with a Shure M44-7 MM cartridge. The most appropriate stylus of correct tip shape and dimension is chosen to provide the best sound on transcription.

These 78 rpm discs are actually transcribed at 33 1/3 rpm to ensure compliant tracking, and the resulting digital file is speed adjusted to return the recording to it’s correct speed.

Elberg MD12Use of the correct EQ curve is essential to get the best from ‘message discs’s, as they were produced before the introduction of the RIAA equalization standard in the 1950s. An Elberg MD12 variable curve EQ preamplifier is used to achieve the correct EQ prior to further restoration and transfer to CD or other digital medium such as FLAC or mp3.


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