FAQs - Audio Restored


Here are some of the Frequently asked questions from our satisfied customers. If your question isn’t answered here then please feel free to contact us to ask. We will be in contact with you shortly thereafter and are happy to help with any queries you may have.

Q - Can you remove the clicks and crackles from records in my collection?
Q – Can a CD compilation be produced from a selection of singles and album tracks?
Q – My father would like to have some of his cherished 78s transferred to CD, and I would like to arrange this for his Birthday. However, he has so many records, I would have to leave the choice up to him.
Q – Can the individual tracks be accessed and skipped just like a commercial CD?
Q – Can I request extra copies of my new CD?
Q – I have a cassette tape recording which suffers from background hiss. Can this be removed please?
Q – Can you change the order in which the tracks on my LP are recorded on the final CD?
Q – Do you offer discount for bulk orders?
Q – Can you supply my restored compilation in .mp3 format for use with my ipod?
Q – I have some records that would benefit from pro wet-cleaning. Can you do this without the full restoration?

Contact us to discuss your requirements fully.