About us - Audio Restored

Audio Restored is an Audio Format Transfer business based in Brentwood, Essex, UK, specialising in high quality digitisation of recorded sound from a variety of sources (vinyl, tape, shellac, acetate etc).

Digital audio restoration is applied as necessary to ensure the best sound possible. We routinely use CEDAR, iZotope and Waves restoration tools within the Steinberg Wavelab Pro-9 Digital Audio Workstation.

The business is run by myself, Graham Joiner from my home studios. For years my overriding passion has been music of all genres, along with a keen interest in the sound recording process, with special emphasis on the equipment used to record and playback music.



For a number of years I have been a member of the City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society (CLPGS), which feeds my interest in vintage sound reproducers and records/cylinders.

Back in the ’70’s I was a regular subscriber to Melody Maker and Record Mirror music papers, as well as Everyday Electronics magazine, which guided me through the building of my first transistor radio as a school project, soon to be followed by a valve amplifier. Although I haven’t continued to pursue electronics, I still enjoy dismantling and repairing vintage audio equipment, to bring it back into use.

Over the years, my musical taste has broadened considerably, and unsurprisingly my magazine subscriptions have followed suit to include Record Collector and BBC Music, as well as the occasional Mojo, Q, The Beat and NME Originals.



Excursions to the Hi-Fi shows at Earls Court and Olympia were annual highlights in those days, and what was then state of the art, is now vintage equipment, but no-less valuable for its age.

In response to the growing demand for multi-track studio tape transfers, we proudly opened our second studio in early 2016 dedicated to multi-track analogue transfers. In this facility we cater for 4-track (cassette and reel-to-reel), 8-track, 16-track and 24 track studio tapes from 1/4 inch to 2 inch tape, at both 15 and 30 ips.

Studio 2

Studio 2



Both studios combine highly acclaimed vintage equipment (EMT, Studer, Revox, Fostex, Akai) with current high-end units (CEDAR, Linn, Tascam, Allen & Heath, Behringer) to enable Audio Restored to offer this digitisation and transfer service to anyone with cherished recordings, especially those in need of restorational TLC and salvaging for posterity.